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Daytime Outdoor LED Cinema Screen Hire

Screens for events The use of LED vans and LED trailers always makes sense for daytime outdoor cinema and events on which standard image formats can be used. These include sports events, concerts, festivals, city festivals, outside cinema in the daytime, etc.. These systems are also well suited for digital signage applications.

We offer you an especially small  LED-Trailer, which is also suitable for small budgets. Due to its size, the LED trailer can already be towed. Mobile billboards are the solution when your story is trapped in the digital universe, with little or no impact in the real world. Or, conversely, your business has yet to leave its mark in the online community. So what do you do? The answer is mobile billboards.

During the Day, or at Night. . In Good Weather or Bad! our cinema trailer is happy to run

Below are the trailer spec’s .

10 SQM LED Screen Size 4m x 2.4m ( Resolution 384 pixels x 288 pixels ) on a trailer 

16 SQM LED Screen Size 5.2m x 3.2m ( Resolution 624 pixels x 384 pixels ) on a trailer 

Daytime Cinema Screen Hire

Daytime Cinema Screen Hire, outdoor cinema is very popular at the moment especially in the summer months when it is perfect to sit outside in the warm weather watching a screen in the garden or an outdoor film event. Unfortunately, the summer brings one major factor which is it doesn`t get dark until late which can be a disadvantage when you are having an event or kids outdoor film night. The good news is we have the technology to show films outside during the day. This is a daytime LED screen. The screen consists of panels of LED clusters which we join together to make a screen visible day and night and can be made to any size. During the latest pandemic, our screens have been used for private events and also for schools to show end-of-year presentations in the field, and for PTA to show films throughout the day in the school field. The screen on the bottom left-hand side of the below pictures has been very popular with pubs and holiday parks. We are the pop-up cinema hire specialists! With outdoor cinema hired for a wide array of purposes, from drive-in cinemas to festival plans, and with a skilled workforce that knows how to set up projectors, LED video walls, and sound systems to create the full movie theatre experience.

LED Screen Hire

There is a lot of different types of Led outdoor cinema screens we prefer to use the trailers other people use Trust frames with the screen attached. We believe an LED screen on a trusted frame is dangerous in high winds and wet weather. With the LED screen it comes on the back of a trailer the trailer itself is around 2 tons plus as an onboard 60kva generator which will also so be around 2 tones. So the risk of a LED trailer falling over into your cinema customers is not possible. In fact, there is a small device on top of the screen that monitors the airspeed and direction, and if at any point the wind was to become dangerous the screen will move. Below you can see some examples of our LED screen trailers

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