About us

About us

Welcome to our website. It’s always handy information knowing who you’re going to hire to put on your outdoor cinema event. Well let me introduce myself my name is Neville I am the owner of Proscreens

Proscreens was formed 15 years ago as a mobile cinema company. It was formed after I left life as a projectionist in cinemas throughout the UK for Odeon. I worked with in cinemas for 29 years as a projectionist working at the UK most known cinema company ODEON. After leaving the cinema projection room I decided to set up a mobile cinema company call proscreens.  we have throughout the years done big cinema events.

Picking your event cinema partner

It doesn’t hurt you to ask the company you hire to do your outdoor cinema of their knowledge and there cinema background. Remember time is NO qualification.

Our history of outdoor cinema

Before the introduction of Airscreens. We used to use framed screens which was not ideal for outdoor cinema events. we always tried to get them up against the wall or a big object to be able to tie them down. This was not always an ideal situation as frames screens you really need to be careful that they will not fall into the audience. Once the air screen was invented it put us in a good position to offer a safe reliable outdoor screen system for hire

uk outside Cinema company

13 years ago my son Aaron learning the family business. most of the outdoor event Aaron setups with me he is now 21.

Big outside screen hire

Big outside screen hire

Its me 🙂

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