Outdoor Cinema Screens

Most of our outdoor Cinema screens are inflatable. Also all our inflatable screens we Hire are air sealed which means there is no pump running continuously. thereby not ruining silent scenes within the film. Once the screen is inflated it’s stays inflated. We believe for outdoor open spaces an inflatable screen is the only option! This is due to health and safety. because if the screen was to be metal and was to blow over serious injury could occur. Where possible use rear projected inflatable screen so all our technical equipment is positioned behind the inflatable screen. This, ensures that all equipment is away from the public and there is no trip hazards.

What time can we start the film ?

Good question the time you can start showing outside depends on what time sunset is. How we work it out is we do a Google search for sunset on the date that you are looking to hire. Then we add 20 minutes. The 20 minutes give us time to line up the projectors. Some people will ask us to start a little bit earlier saying it is a shaded area. And my experience it never works like that. So we always say for it to look right is sunset + 20 minutes. And also films like Mamma Mia the first 10 minutes are very dark and I’ve seen other outdoor cinemas start and no one being able to see the first 10 minutes.  Which is really unacceptable. Because giving a good experience to your customers is priority

Other things to consider audience health and safety.

Lighting at the end of the film screening

One of the biggest considerations is lighting when the film has finished. If there is no lighting we normally turn our vehicles lights on pointing to the exit of the venue. You might need to consider supplying lighting or asking us for more information about our lighting.

You may need to make sure there is relevant facilities for the event and if you hire porta-loos make sure that the portaloos are equipped with lighting inside.

Customers being comfortable

When setting up your event it is a good idea to advise your customers to bring a blanket of some sorts to sit on. Also a coat. Especially for outdoor cinemas in August and September where it may be a nice day it can get cold and damp after dark.

Outside Cinema Film licensing

Any licensing requirements would be your responsibility. we do not order licence on your behalf as this can be a difficult procedure and time consuming for us. All films can be ordered through a company called filmbank. As far as we concerned we have nothing to do with any licensing at all. we are just equipment and staff suppliers for your event.

The Great British weather is a major challenge to outdoor Cinema

Both wind and rain can cause problems. Rain may cause issues with mud, and even just drying out the screen itself for the next event. It will cause difficulties for the audience and any extras such as caterers, the beer tent and side stalls.

In windy conditions, it may be necessary to stop the screen acting like an enormous sail. Although screens are anchored, there is an upper limit at which point they are unsafe to operate. Wind will, inevitably, cause issues with movement of the screen, moving the picture constantly in and out of focus. Similarly it will cause the dialogue and other sound from the speakers to be blown off course.


Even if the weather is kind and it is a sunny evening, there will be issues relating to damp as evening draws on, especially towards the end of the summer.


Insects, Moths especially are an issue — by nature they head towards the light of the projector, as that will be the biggest and brightest light in the area. We use filtered projectors which stops this being problem from any insects blocking the projector.

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