All bookings are required by email we do not take bookings over the phone. As this can cause misunderstandings. Once you have decided to book with us drop us an email then our bookers will check availability at the time of booking. Once your booking is confirmed then our booking team will issue you with a booking reference number.


Normally in most Industries, you pay a deposit and it secures your bookings. but unfortunately in our industry it doesn’t workk like that. It’s hard to say this but in our industry we have some Rogue Traders that take deposits in the winter to see them through until the summer but when the summer comes they can’t deliver. Every year people ask us for quotes in January and sometimes the day before the event in the summer call us asking us to to help them out as the other company has let them down. We have emails to prove this.

With us, there is no deposit to pay. By booking with us you get a booking reference number. All we ask for is payment  2 weeks before the event. We do not penalize you for cancellation.


We do not offer any discounts for multiple bookings. In fact, multiple bookings by one single person is a concern to us.  As if you was to do one event and you failed with your marketing you may cancel the rest. So, in this case, a deposit is very important

Cancellation due to bad weather

What happens if bad weather

Sometimes event Insurance would be helpful. We are is still able to run the outside Screen in rain and wind up to 25mph. Though it is very uncomfortable and muddy at the end of the night. If you are selling tickets we suggest you sell tickets in advance and do not offer refunds in rainy weather.

Well, this is the risk you will have to take. We do not offer to reschedule the event for free. we still have staff to pay. Some companies will offer to reschedule the event but when it comes to it they will offer you a day within the week. and quite frankly who will go to a late-night event on Tuesday when people got work the next day?.  it is just a very clever marketing ploy.

Outdoor Cinema Hire

Doing an outdoor cinema is very risky for both of us.  Us as equipment suppliers and you as an event organizer. If you are concerned that your event may not go on then I suggest you probably look at the possibility of doing it inside and hire one of our indoor screens from our proscreens website. What we can offer if you have an indoor space and the weather is really bad on the day then we would be more than happy to bring a indoor screen at no extra cost to you.  or maybe you could book a local Village Hall just in case.

booking an outdoor screens hire


you will always talk to an engineer

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